Jakub Sawicki "Dress Accessories from Prague,c. 1200 – c. 1800. Catalogue of finds"


Format: 200 x 245 mm

Pages: 342

Soft cover with wings

Book block sewn

ISBN 978-80-7581-033-5

ISBN 978-83-950094-4-0

ISBN 978-83-956127-2-5


prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Wachowski

dr hab. Andrzej Janowski, prof. IAE PAN



The purpose of this book is to present previously mostly unpublished source materials from Prague to a broader audience. The discussed assemblage of dress accessories contains 743 finds belonging to various categories. Some of them, such as buckles or strap ends, are well known in the subject literature. Others, like folding clasps, segments of metal belts, or various purse elements are still unrecognised or misinterpreted. The knowledge of the chronology of certain dress accessories is also far from perfect and I hope that this catalogue of finds from an important urban centre as Prague, will fill at least some of the gaps.

Book in English.


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