Jakub Sawicki "Medieval dress accessories from Nowy Targ Square in Wrocław. Catalogue of finds" 2nd edition


Second edition

Wrocław 2022

Format: 200 x 245 mm

Pages: 248

Soft cover with wings

Book block sewn

ISBN 978-83-950094-6-4

Nowy Targ Square is an important place on the map of medieval Wrocław, which is one of the most thoroughly studied medieval cities in modern Poland. In 2010–12, rescue excavations covering approximately 0,4 ha were conducted, recording more than 4 m of stratified deposits.

In the course of the fieldwork 515 artefacts, made of both non-ferrous metals as well as iron, which can be attributed to dress accessories were discovered. It is one of the largest collections of this kind of artefacts from this part of Europe.

This book presents a full catalogue of finds with colour photographs from this interesting site. It covers brooches, buckles, strap ends, belt mounts as well as other similar items and presents their basic typology and information about production and ornamentation techniques. Artefacts are analysed in relation to the organization of space, routes, possible stalls and places of production and discussed against broad European background.

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