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Drahomíra Frolíková-Kaliszová

Raně středověké pohřebiště Triangl v Praze-Střešovicích


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The publication presents the results of the research of probably the last relatively preserved part of the extensive early medieval burial site on the right bank of the Brusnice stream in the background of Prague Castle, which took place in 2012. The core of the monograph is a finds catalogue providing comprehensive information on 49 early medieval graves in which 52 anthropologically evaluated individuals were buried. The analytical chapters deal with the treatment of grave pits, anthropology, grave furnishings, etc. Several burials were provided with remarkable finds of female jewellery, the most notable of which is a figural earflap from grave 47. The significance of the finds for the understanding of the production of the Prague jewellery workshop is evaluated in a separate chapter. Further chapters are devoted to the chemical analysis of the glass bead finds, the reconstruction of the diet of the buried population and the technological investigation of the jewellery. The book, which is also equipped with expert opinions and analyses from natural science disciplines, provides a comprehensive and modern treatment of the area of the burial site in the vicinity of Prague Castle, which corresponds in time to the period of the beginnings of the Přemyslid state. This fact – together with the small hope for the near and more distant future for similarly extensive area excavations in the given territory – gives the present publication a high cognitive value.


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