Dagmara Łaciak " Nadodrzańska ceramika malowana Społeczno-kulturowe konteksty wytwórczości we wczesnej epoce żelaza"


Wrocław 2017

Format: 200 x 245 mm

Pages: 412

Softcover with wings, covered with soft-touch foil

ISBN 978-83-950094-1-9



dr hab. Justyna Baron

dr hab. Marcin Ignaczak

The Oder-zone painted pottery. Sociocultural contexts of pottery manufacturing in the Early Iron Age

The presented work is the first systematic study fully dedicated to the painted pottery of the Early Iron Age from the territory of modern Poland. This problem was presented in the technological aspect, in which a number of references to advanced specialist research were used, as well as through the prism of social context which affects the whole manufacturing process.

Manufacturing of painted pottery in the Early Iron Age from Oder-zone was presented with the methods and approaches used in complementary to the archaeology disciplines such as: ethnography, history, history of art, geology, petrology, physics and chemistry. This interdisciplinary, multi-element approach allowed to show the painted pottery as specific cultural category in a contextual perspective defining its meaning to the past societies and their culture. Contains a summary in English.