Aleksandra Pankiewicz”Pottery at the Borderland”

With some delay, caused by the epidemiological situation, we can officially announce the next publication of Yellow Point Publications. It will be the latest book by dr. Aleksandra Pankiewicz deals with early medieval pottery on the Polish-Czech border. This area itself is extremely important from the perspective of history of both countries, while the borderland problem is an extremely interesting topic in scientific literature. It indicates the area in which there is a kind of turmoil – intensified exchange of people, thoughts and material culture. The pottery in the title of this book belongs to the latter. First of all, it is a source very sensitive to any cultural changes, and in addition, in the archaeological research tradition, it has an extremely rich literature, in which the author navigates efficiently.

In this book, the study of ceramics mentioned above is only a introduction to more insightful and broader considerations. Dr Pankiewicz goes beyond the traditional research workshop of the archaeologist and on the basisi of ceramic sources, outlines the cultural and political situation of the of the said borderland in the 9th-11th centuries AD. drawing profusely from both Polish and Czech scientific literature.

The book contains the text and the entire scientific apparatus in two languages ​​- English and Polish.