Design of conference materials

In the middle of this week, an international conference for young researchers # youngMERC22 was held in Prague. Representatives of 14 countries were present, including several people from Poland.

I had the pleasure to prepare conference materials and design the setting for this event. I designed a briefcase with a place to store notes, which initially contained information materials – a summary program and a postcard from the conference, a Yellow Point Publications leaflet and a city map. On the right side there was a note, the first pages of which contained some entertainment, which can be seen in the following photos. The colors of the badges were taken from the MERC logo. The most important thing was that, apart from the name, surname and affiliation, it was possible to recognize the organizer and participant at first glance. That is why they differed in color.

I would like to thank all the co-organizers and of course Merc for the opportunity to take part in this wonderful event. The energy was amazing !!!