Ninth to mid-sixteenth century swords from the Czech Republic in their European context. Part I / Jiří HOŠEK, Jiří KOŠTA, Petr ŽÁKOVSKÝ


Brno 2019

Wydawca: Masaryk University Press

Format: 210×297 mm

Strony: 424

Oprawa miękka

Język angielski

ISBN 978-80-210-9443-7

This book is the first part of a two-volume monograph, which is focused on documentation, analysis and interpretation of swords from the turn of the 9th century to the mid-16th century in what is now the Czech Republic, and on their assessment in the context of contemporary European swords. This volume aims to provide a systematic inventory of medieval and early renaissance swords from the territory of today’s Czech Republic, and information connected with them. The most essential part is a comprehensive catalogue of 430 swords or sword fragments, which are historically linked to the territory of the Czech Republic (the swords were found there, they came from Czech and Moravian collections, items of which are most likely to be of a local origin, or if they are nowadays abroad although they are certainly of Czech or Moravian origin).

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